The Best Toffee. Period.

Mother Mary's crisp, buttery toffee is homemade in our hometown. Two sisters bring our family tradition to you.

Our Story

We offer several ordering options:

1. Free local pick-up in Farmington: Order here and select "free local pick up" at check-out.

2. You can find our best selection at The Cheese Lady, Farmington.  They will carry a large assortment of bags and boxes for the holidays.  

3. If you would like to place custom order, email

4. Let the website do all the work and ship your packages directly from here.

Mother Mary began making her fabulous toffee, one batch at a time, some fifty years ago.  It was a highly anticipated holiday tradition for family and select friends, a special crisp buttery toffee coated on both sides with rich chocolate.  Over the years, Mother Mary shared the recipe with her children and the gifting circle expanded.  As the demand grew stronger, many requests to sell the toffee arose.  Two sisters took on this undertaking, and now we proudly bring you Mother Mary's Toffee Company!